Mocking Pad

A fully featured wireframing tool for the iPad that helps you quickly visualise and share low fidelity sketches of your application concepts.

"Great! I just wire framed an iPhone app in about an hour, with changes." - US App Store Review

"Must Have! Really useful. Nice, clean and easy to use interface. The price is worth it..." - Japan App Store Review

Drag and drop a wide variety of stencils to quickly build up a low fidelity wireframe of your application. Stencils snap together using smart guides so you don't have to worry about lining things up.

Organise your work using projects and pages. Accelerate the wireframing process by setting a master page that will form the basis of all your wireframe pages in a project and organise common sets of stencils into gallery items that can be dragged and dropped.

Fine tune your wireframes with a variety of alignment tools and if you can't find a prebuilt stencil that quite does what you need then import an image from your photo library.

Mocking Pad includes a variety of innovative collaboration tools. Iterate quickly and work collaboratively with your clients and colleagues using Pass The Pad mode - hand your iPad to others without fear of your work being damaged. Share your work in common formats such as PNG, PDF, SVG and HTML via email or Dropbox. Or turn your iPad into a web server and let your clients connect to it and view your work in a web browser.

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